Sharel performs Thursday March 15 at Makeda

NBJP: Other than the instrument you play, what instrument would you like to be able to play?

SC: I always wanted to play the acoustic bass. Maybe that’s why I like to write for it so much, a way of living vicariously though bass players. However, now that we have one I don’t even touch it–I can’t keep up with the other eight instruments I play. 

NBJP: What’s the worst job you ever had?

SC: Any job that included cleaning a public restroom.  

NBJP:   Finish this sentence: I have too many__bills. 

NBJP:  Who’s your favorite non-jazz composer?

SC: [Alexander Nikolayevich]Scriabin

NBJP: What’s the last movie you saw and loved?

SC: Hmmm… not sure, since I usually fall asleep in them. But, I did manage to stay awake and enjoy True Grit , The Help and Star Trek recently. That might be a record. 

NBJP: What’s your favorite (“G” rated!) guilty pleasure?

SC: Dark chocolate and shoe appreciation. Not usually at the same time, but it could happen. 

NBJP:  What living musician do you believe has influenced you the most?

SC: Jimmy Heath

PLUS ONE: When did you know? (That you wanted to be a jazz musician)?

When I was 11, I told my first saxophone teacher that I wanted to be a jazz saxophonist for the rest of my life. Thinking this might not be the best thing to encourage for a young girl, he laughed and replied “so… you want to practice hard your whole life, live on a bus, bathe in public restrooms and wear polyester uniforms just to play the saxophone for a living?” To which I hastily replied “Yes!!” Oddly it sounded fantastic, which I don’t believe was the intention.  


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