photo: Mary Brown/Mary B. Photography & Design

NBJP:  What musical instrument (that you don’t play)would you  like to be able to play?

AW: Cello — I love the beautiful range

NBJP: What’s your favorite non-jazz tune?

AW: Tough call between Scriabin’s 5th Piano Sonata and Prokofiev’s 4th Sonata.   I love dark and beautiful Russian piano music 

NBJP: If you could live anywhere on the planet where would that be?

AW:  Anyplace with great food and a music scene, right now I’m thinking Barcelona

NBJP: What’s a food you shouldn’t eat, but can’t resist?

AW: Pork belly with so much fat that it melts in your mouth

NBJP: What’s the worst job (non musical) you ever had?

AW: Honestly, I love what I do and I try to keep it that way.  

NBJP:  What musician influenced you the most?

AW:  I have had several really important teachers and mentors in this music, but I must recognize Stanley Cowell. He has been my teacher and guide since I went up to him after one of his concerts and told him I played jazz piano too.  I was 11.  The arrogance of youth. 

NBJP:  If you could only own one CD/album, what would it be?

AW:  For the last several years, Toots Theilmans’s Brazil Project has been in heavy rotation.  He’s such a melodic genius.  


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