Bassist Tom DiCarlo performs for the New Brunswick Jazz Project Wednesday Feb 1 with Vanessa Perea and Thursday February 2, with Lee Hogans. 

photo: Chris Drukkar


NBJP:  What musical instrument (that you don’t play)would you  like to be able to play?

TD: Piano

NBJP: What’s your favorite jazz tune?

TD: “West EndBlues

NBJP: What is your  favorite non-musical pastime?

TD:  Being Outdoors

NBJP: What’s a food you shouldn’t eat, but can’t resist?

TD:  Cheesecake!!

NBJP: What would you like to be if you were not a bassist?

TD: I love playing the bass.

NBJP:  What musician influenced you the most?

TD:  One of them is Red Mitchell. There are many though…

 NBJP:  If you could only own one CD/album, what would it be?

TD: “Love Deluxe” by Sade


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