NBJP: What living musician do you admire most? Why?

VP: This is a hard one, I would have to say, Jon Hendricks. He is filled with sooo much history. I just love him.

NBJP: What quality do you like least about yourself?

VP: My shyness. Sometimes I am just too shy, despite all the performing I do, I can be very shy sometimes.

NBJP: What’s your favorite non-jazz tune?

VP: Wow, there are so many!  I guess one I really love is Hallelujah I Love Him So by Ray Charles.

NBJP: If you could be a performer at any time in history, when would that be?

VP: I would have to say the sixties. I love that jazz was still so alive, and at the same time soul, funk, rock and roll, they were all so prominent. 

NBJP: Finish this sentence: If I can, I try to avoid _parking tickets!__

NBJP: What musical instrument would you like to be able to play?

VP:  Bass 

NBJP: What musician has influenced you the most (so far)?

VP: Ella Fitzgerald


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