(We got carried away and forgot to count the ??s we sent Orrin–so there are 8 not 7!)
NBJP: What’s your favorite city to play in?
OE: Trenton, NJ (Candlelight Lounge)
NBJP: What’s the worst job you ever had?

OE: I’ve been blessed to ALWAYS PLAY MUSIC! Yeah but when I was 20 I worked as a bread delivery guy for Au Bon Pain 4am-12noon shift!

 NBJP: What’s your favorite non-jazz tune?

OE:  Hard One! So much good music out there!

NBJP: How old were you when you first played in front of an audience (other than your family)?

OE:   I was a poet a storyteller first so I’ll say 5th grade. I used to read stories at retirement homes and schools when I lived in Trenton.
NBJP: If you could share one thing with a new musician what would it be?



NBJP: What’s the last movie you saw–and loved?

OE: Last movie was Insidious but I’m not sure I loved it…LOL

NBJP: What’s a food we’ll always find in your fridge?
OE: Any seafood!!!

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