SEVEN ?’S with Mike Bond

NBJP: What instrument (that you don’t play) would you  like to be able to play?

MB: I’ve always wanted to learn how to play the cello.  I remember listening to various movie sound tracks that featured Yo-Yo Ma as the guest soloist.  His performances on those records really changed the way I perceived the instrument and I’ve always been curious about learning the cello since

NBJP: What musician influenced you the most?

MB:  If I was forced to pick a single musician, I would say Oscar Peterson.  I developed a basic improvisational foundation by listening to his records and transcribing his solos.

NBJP:    If you were about to have your last meal, what would it be?

MB: My last meal?  Haha, thats kind of morbid, but I guess I’d go with a full rack of BBQ ribs.

NBJP: Who was your childhood hero?

MB: Probably my Mom and Dad.  They’ve always supported me in all of my endeavors.  I’m so thankful to have been brought up by such wonderful role models.

NBJP: What’s your favorite jazz tune?

MB:  Hmm…There are so many tunes that I like, but if I had to pick one, I guess it would be “The Days of Wine and Roses” by Henry Mancini.  Oscar Peterson’s “We Get Requests” was my first jazz record that I ever bought and his version of this tune blew me away the first time I heard it.

NBJP: What’s your favorite pastime?

MB: Fishing.  Sometimes I’ll go find a quiet spot by the water, take out my iPod, and spend a whole afternoon fishing and listening to music.  I find it very relaxing.

NBJP: Complete this sentence: I wish I could stop     time and be able to experience life and learning without limits.


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