Seven ?’s with Mimi Jones

This week we took our SEVEN QUESTIONS (our version of the Proust Questionnaire) to bassist, vocalist Mimi Jones.

A Brand New Day CD Cover

NBJP: What instrument  (that you don’t play)would you  like to be able to  play?

MJ: Piano

NBJP: What’s your favorite jazz tune?
MJ: Nefertitti – by Miles Davis

NBJP: What is your greatest fear?
MJ: Tripping on Stage/ or falling off a stool with the bass

NBJP: What’s a food you shouldn’t eat, but can’t resist?

MJ: M&Ms at the movies, lol!

NBJP: Who’s your favorite singer?

MJ: Can’t answer that, way too many and I don’t wanna be biased, lol

NBJP:  What musician influenced you the most?

MJ: Miles Davis

NBJP:  Complete this sentence. I own too many:

MJ: Hats… aka responsibilities, band leader, wife, side man, personal chef, family mediator, company owner, motivational speaker, landlord,  composer,contractor and much more…whew, I need a clone …:0)



For more information about Mimi, check out her website.

For more information about The New Brunswick Jazz Project, check out our website.


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